about me

I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid, and was very influenced by Japanese animation from the 1960s to the 1970s. I love it. The world is full of dark news and I want to make a lot of fun and interesting things in the world through my painting. My painting was accepted by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2017 and a picture book was published in November 2019.

On my 59th birthday I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. This solves many mysteries for me, like why I feel I am different from people. I continue to find a new world every day by doing what I like.


I formed a unit called perose. The purpose is for the promotion of Littlepero. Yusuke Aoba created the theme song for Littlepero. Me and he have a concert to sing a song or read a picture book.


Littlepero was created in 2014. Selected for 2017 Bologna Children's  Book Fair. In June 2019  a long-awaited picture book was published by Shogakukan. The second picture book will be published in November of the same year.

©mamoru yamamoto